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Slique Products
Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is all about using the right tools. Our extensive,
proven Slique line offers the right solution for your weight management needs.

Boost your efforts to achieve better health and happiness with the Slique™ in 60 program! This no-risk approach will guide you to healthy and lasting lifestyle changes using our specially designed Slique line of products. To read the Slique in 60 pledge and the official promotion details, click here. With so many amazing products to choose from, it might be hard knowing where to start.
Check out these complementary groupings and slim into a new you!
Slimming and satisfying: Slique!
If you try any Slique product kit for 60 consecutive days, we promise that you will see a change for the better! If you are not satisfied, we will give you a product credit equal to the amount of your purchase.

Try Slique now by ordering one of our Slique collections and experience the benefits of this revolutionary product for yourself! For any questions about the Slique in 60 program, contact me at: 800-769-7923

Slique Complete
The ultimate collection for healthy weight management and optimal nutritional support, Slique™ Complete contains everything found In the Slique Advanced collection, plus Balance Complete™ meal replacement shakes and NingXia Red®.
    This Slique Complete kit includes:
  • (1) NingXia Red, 2 pk.
  • (2) Balance Complete
  • (2) Slique Tea
  • (2) Slique Slim Caps, 30 packages
  • (4) Slique Gum, 8 ct.
  • (1) Slique Essence (2) Slique Bars, 6 pk.
Slique Complete
Item # 4714

Slique Advanced
The perfect way to put your weight-management goals on the fast track is to jump ahead with Slique™ Advanced. This collection contains the Slique Assist collection, plus Slique Slim Caps.
  • The Slique Advanced kit includes:
  • (2) Slique Tea
  • (1) Slique Slim Caps, 30 packages
  • (4) Slique Gum, 8 ct.
  • (1) Slique Essence
  • (2) Slique Bars, 6 pk
Slique Advanced
Item # 4713

Slique Assist
For a little assistance slimming into the new you, Slique™ Assist includes the Slique Maintain collection, plus Slique Bars and Slique Gum.

    This Slique Assist kit includes:
  • (2) Slique Tea
  • (4) Slique Gum, 8 ct.
  • (1) Slique Essence
  • (2) Slique Bars, 6 pk.

Slique Assist
Item # 4712

Slique Maintain
Simple and effective, Slique™ Maintain partners two of our most popular Slique products to help you maintain a healthy body weight and support good dietary habits.
    This Slique Maintain kit includes:
  • (1) Slique Tea
  • (1) Slique Essence, 15 ml
Slique Maintain
Item No. 4711

Slique Challenge Winners
Are you looking for motivation to achieve your weight-loss?

The combined lost weight of winners Kelly Dolan, Eric Barbour, Todd Dorsey, Cecilia Deckman, Stephen Brossoit, and Brandyce Luna was more than 160 pounds! Each of these individuals won by losing the greatest percentage of weight in their category and was awarded a $5,000 cash prize and worldwide recognition.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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