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TheraPro™ Premium Diffuser

Enjoy the ultimate therapeutic experience and the most advanced diffuser technology with Young Living’s TheraPro™ Premium Diffuser.

This atomizing diffuser features durable, high-quality components that will stand up to repeated use in any environment and is the ideal way to experience the healing benefits of Young Living essential oils.

The TheraPro comes with a free 15-ml bottle of Thieves® essential oil blend.

4495-back If you’re after serious therapeutic diffusion, TheraPro is the best choice. The engineer who partnered with Young Living created this all-in-one model, making sure the oil droplets coming out of the atomizer are the smallest ever—between one and three microns. Small micron size means quick respiratory absorption for quick therapeutic action. To test it out, simply slip in a 15 ml bottle of any eucalyptus Young Living essential oil in and experience the difference.

The atomizing diffuser in the TheraPro is a real work horse.
Testing from Young Living: I turned on four TheraPros at maximum capacity in late December 2009, hoping to burn out the motors after a few weeks of continuous work. Guess what? Those four diffusers are still going after more than six months, with no sign of slowing down. I’m completely impressed with its solid construction.
I can personally say that I have owned my Therapro since it arrived on the scene. It still works great! It is my personal favorite diffuser.

The TheraPro is revolutionary because there is no mess and no wasted oil. Your 15 ml bottle of oil simply screws right into the atomizer; the atomizer sucks up the oil, disperses the vapor into the air, and returns the unused oil right back to the bottle. Amazing! On the back, the TheraPro has an interface that gives you complete control of the amount of oil diffused and for how long. If you want more oil, just turn up the air volume. Don’t want it on continuously? Simply use the duration controls.

Young Living’s TheraPro is the best diffuser to buy if you want extras. It comes with a free 15 ml bottle of Thieves essential oil blend. There are also two atomizers included in the TheraPro box. Oh, yeah, if you want to get more atomizers, just give Young Living Customer Care a call and, they’ll hook you up with a pack of three accessory atomizers.

Height - approximately 133 mm
Width - approximately 38 mm

TheraPro™ Premium Diffuser
Item # 4495

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