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If you are like me, you will quickly fall in love with Young Living products like I did over 10 years ago. You will want to try something new every month. Young Living wants to help you! Plus, it is a great way to replace all the (Poison) personal care and cleaning products in your home! And....if you have plans of building a Young Living business you'll need to know more about becoming an Essential Rewards Autoship Member.

Benefits Of The Essential Rewards Autoship Program

Essential Rewards Program is a loyalty-based program in which Young Living gives substantial rewards to our members for simply maintaining a monthly Autoship order.

Distributors and Preferred Customers participate in this program and earn
reward points that may be used towards future product purchases.

  • Essential Rewards Credits which are redeemable for FREE products.

  • Earn FREE product credits of 10%-20% on each Essential Rewards Autoship order!

  • Essential Rewards members pay a $6.50 flat fee for shipping charges on their monthly order (up to 7 pounds) within the continental US (ground shipping only) and a $10 flat fee for shipping charges (up to 7 pounds) to HI and AK.

  • Members are also eligible to participate in "members only" specials as well as educational opportunities and training materials including FREE monthly product research updates.
  • How Do I Receive Credits Through the Essential Rewards Program?

    It's easy. You simply set up a monthly Autoship order.
    Please see explanation of Essential Rewards Points below:

    • During the first 6 consecutive months of participation, earn points equal to 10% of the Autoship order PV each month. There is a maximum of 30 points per month. For example, if you have an Autoship order of 100 PV, you will receive 10 Autoship Rewards Points.
    • During months 7 through 12 of consecutive participation, earn points equal to 15% of the Autoship order PV each month, with a maximum of 50 points per month.
    • After 12 consecutive months, earn points equal to 20% of the Autoship order PV each month, with a maximum of 75 points per month.

    How Do I Redeem My Essential Rewards Points?

    Essential Rewards Points will begin accruing in April 2005. In June 2005, you may contact Young Living to begin redeeming your Essential Rewards Points for FREE product(s). Here's how it works:

    • Simply contact Young Living to place an Essential Rewards Points redemption order.
    • Points are valid "point for point" for product purchases (full PV products only, no sales aids). 1 point is redeemable for 1 PV of product.
    • Products purchased with Essential Rewards Points will have no PV. Thus, they do not generate volume, commissions, or bonuses.
    • Points may be redeemed after two months of program participation.
    • Points may not be used to pay for an existing order, i.e., an Autoship order.
    • Member will pay shipping costs and any sales tax for Essential Rewards Points redemption orders.

    These Points provide a substantial benefit and savings to those who commit to participate in a monthly Autoship order!

    What Happens if I Cancel My Autoship Order?

    You may cancel your Autoship order at any time; however, if an Autoship order is cancelled or returned or Autoship participation stops for any reason, any unused Essential Rewards Points will be forfeit and the consecutive months of participation in the program will be reset to zero.

    Again, Essential Rewards is a loyalty-based program, so you will want to make sure you have consecutive monthly Autoship orders placed in order to maximize and redeem your full product credits.

    Can I Change My Autoship Order and Still Accrue Essential Rewards Points?

    Yes. You may change your Autoship items and/or date without jeopardizing your Essential Rewards Points, as long as you have a consecutive monthly Autoship order.

    How do I get started?

    The steps are as follows:
    1. Become a distributor
    2. Set up your monthly Essential Rewards to 100 points of product volume (PV).
    When you are ready to take Young Living to the next level, share the program with others and begin making monthly Team Bonuses of $100, $500, $2,000 each month...or more!
    Download More Information: Young Living's Simple Business Building Team Strategy (pdf file)

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