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To order Young Living products, create either a Wholesale (Wholesale Member) or Retail (Customer) Account. Choose the membership below. Plese note that the main benefit of becoming a Wholesale Member (wholesale) account is that you will save money on each order.

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What's the difference between a Retail Member and a Wholesale Member?
How to Order Young Living Essential Oils

Ok, so what does this all really mean?
Young Living Wholesale Member
A good way to think of this is like a membership (like Costco or Sam's Club).
I'm a member of Costco and have happily paid $50.00 - $75.00 a year to get wholesale prices...even better... I joined Young Living Essential Oils and was thrilled to pay $40.00 as a wholesale member for a life-time to get wholesale prices. All I have to do is order at least $100.00 worth in a calendar year (12 month time frame) to keep my membership active. But you can order as frequently as you wish.

Retail Customer/Member
- You simply buy the products just as you would buy anything online and pay full retail.

Shopping for Free Memberships and Distributorships
Debbie Allen is highly skilled in the selection and use of Young Living Essential Oils.
Get information and recommendations here, then purchase your products directly from

Whether you're experienced or brand new to essential oils, Young Living Essential Oils are known throughout the world as the BEST oils. Do you have more questions? Please call me and ask me more details about how to purchase Young Living Essential Oils.

Browse and select from the full line of Young Living Essential Oils products at our store at Young Living. Purchase by credit card - online or by phone.

Free Memberships & Discounts
Claim your Membership: as with online shopping. You will be asked to create an identification number to purchase at YLEO-Oils.com Young Living Essential Oils store — as a Retail Member or Wholesale Member — and will receive an ID number and PIN.

Essential Rewards = FREE Stuff!
Enrolling for our generous Essential Rewards rebates and choosing products to purchase each month allows Young Living Members status for ordering online or by phone, fax or mail. Essential Rewards offers autoship packages at savings over individual purchase as well as unlimited choice of the entire YLEO product line; flat-fee shipping up to 6 lbs and the option to easily change your product choices in your own Virtual Office as many times as you wish. The best part, though, is your credit for the FREE PRODUCT of your choice that accumulates with each monthly shipment. You'll also have easy access to Debbie Allen, Silver Member - for advice and instructions, plus simple, autonomous access to Young Living product information and good savings. You may change your status to Distributor at any time and receive a full 24% discounted distributor best pricing or you may cancel your autoship at any time by telephone.

Wholesale Member/Distributors
Super savings and business opportunity.

To purchase essential oils and products from Young Living you will need a sponsor to become a member. I welcome the opportunity to sponsor YOU.

Please call me Toll FREE at: 800-769-7923
My sponsor ID# is 73621.
The role of a sponsor is to make sure that customers know how to use
the essential oils, answer questions, and to help with placing orders.
In many ways I’m like your Avon or Tupperware Lady!

or for assistance.

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Good health begins with taking responsibility for our own bodies.
Try Young Living Essential Oils for yourself and experience it too.

If you have questions or need more information:
Call me at: 303-782-4842 (Mtn Time) or

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