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Debbie Allen is a Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and member of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.

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Internal Ingestion of Therapeutic Essential Oils

Ways to use
Young Living's
Therapeutic Essential Oils Internally

1. What essential oils are safe to use internally?
2. How do you find quality essential oils?
3. How do you use essential oils internally?
4. Which oils should I use internally?
5. When do I use essential oils internally?
6. My Favorite Recipes for Internal use
7. What are the advantages of taking essential oils internally?
8. What precautions should I take with internal essential oil use?

Essential oils are like the blood, or the life force of the plant. They protect the plant from bacterial and viral infections, insect invasion, cleansing breaks in its tissues, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to its cells. Essential oils are one characteristic that makes the plant unique and are 20-40 times more potent than herbs. God has created essential oils not only for the plant’s benefits, but for mankind’s as well.

Clinical research shows that essential oils can even create an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. Science is only now rediscovering these healing substances that were used in ancient times.

The consistency of essential oils isn’t really oily, but more like water, though their viscosities varies. They are volatile liquids, meaning these droplets can easily turn from a liquid to a gas. We can’t smell liquids or solids, only gases.

Essential oils increase cellular oxygen and immune function. A single oil may contain hundreds of constituents that are aligned in exactly the right manner to trigger specific responses in the human body.

Tips about safely using Essential Oils internally

Among the ways to use essential oils, the least understood is internal use.  Yet, when used properly internal use offers potent therapeutic benefits.  The essential oils of the plants can support our organ systems, and balance our metabolism.  Using the oils internally offers a way to increase the potency of the oils.

1. What essential oils are safe to use internally?

There are two main considerations when choosing an oil to use internally.

First, you must check if a particular essential oil is certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA.  If the oil is on this list, it will be safe to be used internally.

Check the GRAS List

The second, and equally important consideration is the quality of the oil.  Most essential oils, even the ones at health food stores and especially the ones at a bath and body shop, are made for the perfume industry.  They can be adulterated with many chemicals to extend the oil or alter the scent.  Even the term "natural" has no official meaning and may not guarantee the oil's purity.

To judge an essential oil, you must ask:

Is the oil genuine?
Is it 100% natural (no synthetic additives)?
Is it 100% pure (no similar essential oils added)?
Is it 100% complete (not decolorized, recolored or deterpenated)?
Is the oil authentic?
Is the oil from the specific species listed on the label?

The best essential oils for internal use are from small production facilities who carefully produce their oils with a vision of aromatic healing.  Each batch should be processed slowly, carefully and at low temperatures.  And each batch, like a fine wine, will reflect the particulars of that harvest.  The best oils will very in small ways from year to year.

The quality and purity of essential oils are important because they assure that you get the true benefits of essential oils, that you are not ingesting chemicals and that you are assured a predictable action from the oil.

Only use essential oils you trust.

2. How do you find quality essential oils?

The quality on any particular oil is difficult to assess, even to aromatherapists.  Using spectrometers, companies can make sure their oil supply is pure on a gross level, but many chemicals can be added to an essential oil so that the spectrometer results mimic a pure oil.

The best way to find quality essential oils is to find a supplier you trust, and let them make the assessment.

Ask questions about the oils.
Ask to explain what their labels designate "pure" or "natural"?
Do they know the farmers who raise their crops?
Do they use low temperature distillation?
Find acompany which takes pride in the therapeutic value of their essential oils.

3.How do you use essential oils internally?

    There are many ways to use essential oils internally.

      Suggested internal consumption methods:
    • Put 1-5 drops of oil into an empty capsule with a little olive oil, recap and swallow with water.
    • Add 1-2 drops to an 8 oz. glass of water or rice milk.
    • Put 1-2 drops onto a piece of bread or add to your meals when cooking, or make a dipping oil – 1 drop per 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
    • Add 1-2 drops onto a teaspoon of Young Living Blue Agave and swallow.
    • Drop directly onto the tongue and swallow. Exercise extreme caution when using this method. Many essential oils are very strong and should be tested by pouring a single drop onto a spoon and tasting a small portion to determine the amount of essential oil to be used.

  • You can add a drop of oil to a glass of water or a teaspoon of honey.  For example, a drop of lemon will make your water taste great.  A drop of peppermint will taste good and ease stomach upset.  Be prepared for a flavor blast!

  • If the flavor is too strong, you can put a couple drops in a gelatin capsule and take that. Start with only a 2-4 drops until you know how your body will react. I have personally taken capsules full of oil, 2-3 times a day - to eliminate bacteria and infection.

  • For those who enjoy the strong flavors, you can put a drop directly under your tongue.  I use this with Thieves blend as a cold preventative.  Peppermint will freshen your breath.

  • And finally, one of the fun ways to use essential oils to really take advantage of the essential oil flavors is to cook with them.  Some of the healing properties may be lost with the heat of cooking, but the flavor will be fantastic.  Add oregano or basil to your tomato sauce.  Add black pepper to your salsa (this is really good).  Add lemon to your home-made lemonade and decrease the sugar.  The lemon will make a tasty drink the kids will love.
For certain conditions, the French have other ways to use essential oils.  They will sometimes use essential oils rectally or vaginally.    Suppositories are especially effective for lung conditions because the oils are absorbed by the rectal veins and by-pass the liver on the way to the heart-lung circulatory tract.

Vaginal Retention Implant
For systemic health problems, such as candida or vaginitis, a vaginal implant is one of the best ways for the body to absorb essential oils.
  • Place 10-20 drops of essential oil into a tablespoon of carrier oil.
  • While lying down use a small syringe to implant the mixture into the vagina at bedtime. Do not get up again until morning.
  • To use a capsule, place oils in the capsule and implant immediately after the oils are added.
  • A pad or tampon may need to be used to aid in the retention of the essential oil solution.
Rectal Implant and Retention Enema
Enemas and rectal implants are the most efficient ways to deliver essential oils to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Always use sterile applicator.
  • Mix 20-35 drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil.
  • Place mixture in a small syringe and inject into the rectum.
  • Retain mixture through the night (or longer for best results).
  • Clean and disinfect applicator after each use.

4. Which oils should I use internally?

Young Living has recognized the value of ingesting oils internally. They now offer several softgel products that you can use straight from the bottle! I have ingested oils for over 10 years by dropping oil drops into veggie capsules. I will share some of my powerful recipes below...

A starter list for you:

Longevity Blend Softgels

Longevity is absolutely one of my favorite oil blends and I use it regularly to counteract the effects of stress.   Longevity softgels are a potent, proprietary blend of fat-soluble antioxidants, Young Living’s Longevity contains thyme,orange, clove, and frankincense essential oils. The oils in this softgel contain anti-tumural properties, support immune function, decrease the stickiness of blood cells and prevent degradation of fats in brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

This blend comes in a capsule form, so it is one of the easiest  ways to use essential oils internally.  The capsule is designed to dissolve in the intestines to maximize the absorption of the oils.  Take Longevity daily to tonify your body, and balance your metabolism, counteracting the damage from stress.
Read more:
Longevity blend

Thieves Blend: Inner Defense Softgels.

In today’s toxic environment, it can be difficult to maintain healthy immune function. With constant exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, poor diet, and lack of sleep, body system stress can negatively affect physical and emotional health.

Key Ingredients

Oregano oil is rich in the phenolic of carvacrol, which is known to support well-being when the body is distressed.
Thyme oil is a rich source of the phenol called thymol, a substance known to create an unfriendly environment for yeast and fungus.* It has been used as a purifying agent in the dental industry for many years.
Cinnamon bark is very high in cinnamaldehyde, a very powerful cleansing compound.
Read more:
Inner Defense

The Power of Essential Oils to Prevent a Cold

We all have experienced stressfull days that allow our immune systems to be compromised. I know I have plenty of times! Winter comes, the weather changes, we eat too many sweets... BAM! I get some cold and flu symptoms - you know the tickle in the throat, headache, lack of sleep....ughhhh.

Many essential oils have broad-spectrum antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects. For example, thyme oil was shown to exert powerful antimicrobial effects against 25 different types of bacteria (Deans and Richie, 1987).

Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which are composed of a single type of chemical, essential oils are composites of hundreds of chemicals. Please review some of my favorite recipes below. I hope that they are helpful to you and your family as well.

My Favorite Therapeutic Essential Oil Recipes
    D. Gary Young gave us this recipe as the most powerful natural antibiotic:
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 8 drops mountain savory
  • 3 drops oregano
Put in "00" capsule (you can order them with your Young Living Order) and take 1-3 time a day.

Dr. Terry Friedmann, author of the book:
Freedom Through Health
gave us a recipe for an antibiotic made of essential oils.

    Dr. Friedmann's recipe:
  • 12 drops Thieves
  • 6 drops Oregano
  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • put into a "00" gel capsule

Broad-spectrum antifungal, antibacterial
and antiviral therapeutic essential oils:

Single Oils:
Oregano, thyme, cinnamon, mountain savory, lemon, rosewood, melaleuca, clove, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata.

Blends: Thieves, Exodus II, ImmuPower, Melrose, Inspiration, and Sacred Mountain.

Lemon.  I use lemon to flavor my water so that I can drink my daily requirement.  I avoid sugary drinks and keep my water intake high.

Grapefruit.  I put grapefruit in my water when I want to curb my sweets - especially chocolate cravings.  When my chocolate cravings becoming too consuming, I reach for the grapefruit instead.

Peppermint.  If you have acid reflux, or an upset stomach, try a drop of peppermint in your water to sooth and calm your digestion. If you are feeling but have a long night ahead, studying or working - place a drop of peppermint in your palm, lick it, rub the balance on the back of your neck - you will be wide awake and refreshed!

5. When do I use essential oils internally?

Using essential oils therapeutically delivers potent healing directly into your body.  Anytime you need major physical support, you can take essential oils internally.

There are two philosophical ways I use essential oils internally.  Some oils I use regularly for health maintenance.  For example, I regularly take Longevity or drink grapefruit.

Other oils I only use as relief for a specific health crisis.  I don't hesitate to take Thieves if I'm getting sick.  And if I had a major health issue, I would absolutely use essential oils as a part of my health plan.

6. What are the advantages of taking essential oils internally?

Whether essential oils are used internally, topically, inhalled, or diffused the healing properties of the oils will enter your body.  There is some debate about which of the ways to use essential oils is most effective. When using essential oils internally, digestive juices ' of the stomach may alter the effectiveness of the oil.  However, the same could be said about the oils penetrating the skin when used topically.

In general, for emotional issues, I would inhale the oils as my first action, and then use them topically.  For physical complaints, I would use them primarily either topically or internally.  For a major healthy challenge or health crisis, I would use them all three ways.

It is important to remember, however, that no matter how you use the oils, you will be getting the health benefits from them.  Do what is best for you, your body and your comfort level.  Experiment.  See what works and what doesn't.

7. What precautions should I take with using therpeutic essential oils internally?
  • Make sure your oils are GRAS.
  • At first, use only a drop or two
  • When you know how your body reacts, you may wish to increase it.
  • Use common sense--essential oils are very potent.  Do not drink a bottle!  This would seem obvious, but remember, anything in large doses is bad for you.  If you have very young children, keep the bottle in a safe location, just like you do for any remedy.
  • Use Young Living Therapeutic Essential oils only.
  • Epileptics and people with high blood pressure should consult with their doctor.  They should use caution with high ketone oils like basil, rosemary, sage and tansy (tansy is not on the GRAS list anyway).
  • Pregnant women should consult with their doctor.  They should avoid sage, fennel, and hyssop.
  • Do not give essential oils internally to children under 6.

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for transit with a 128-bit SSL protocol, and resides on servers behind an electronic firewall.

Good health begins with taking responsibility for our own bodies.
Try Young Living Essential Oils for yourself and experience it too.

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